Letter from Andrew Thorburn

GBG Founder, Andrew Thorburn

Establishing a foundation has been a wish of mine for some time. After working for decades in developing countries and economically challenged locations, it's impossible not to notice the struggles and impoverishment that so many people in these areas face every day, and how comfortable our own lives are by comparison.

My hope is that, through The Global Benefits Group Foundation, we can provide resources so that those in need can rebuild their lives and provide for their families the way we do.

Crossing the border The population of the world continues to grow at an amazing rate. It's estimated that by the end of 2011, the planet will be supporting 7 billion people. That's an increase of almost 5 billion in the past 50 years! Meanwhile, the number of people living in abject poverty is keeping pace, while the number of disasters and crises increases exponentially.

There are, of course, many NGO's, PVO's and non-profits of all kinds that are working hard to try to address these problems. But, they're struggling. Not only are there more people and more emergencies to deal with, the cost of everything continues to escalate. And as if that weren't enough, in today's global economy, the amount of cash available for this type of humanitarian work is actually decreasing.

In 2011, I came to the conclusion that starting another NGO was not the solution. There are plenty of excellent organizations already in existence.

Girl in a landfillInstead, I decided the best way to make a difference was to help existing NGO's and non-profits, whose worthy programs would stand little chance of being implemented without dedicated support.

So this is exactly what we're doing. Following the launch of The GBG Foundation in March 2011, we have worked with a number of major international NGO's to help implement fantastic programs, a few of which are featured on our website. We invite you to take a "tour" and get a glimpse of our projects and partners.

I hope you will share my enthusiasm for The GBG Foundation, which, in many ways is a manifestation of the spirit that drives Global Benefits Group. As it is with the most consequential endeavors, it's a collective effort that has made the launch of our Foundation (and its future impact) possible.

Andrew Thorburn
Founder, The GBG Foundation
CEO, Global Benefits Group (www.gbg.com)