GBG Foundation Projects


The primary focus of GBG Foundation projects centers around helping to provide or find financial support for NGO and PVO programs.

In today's economic climate ensuring that funding is in place to implement programs or short term projects is a constant challenge. The increased costs of program implementation along with the cost of goods, shipping and staff in the face of decreased available funding, has put many programs and NGO's under huge strain.

Gifts In Kind (GIK)

GIK support is one of the ways the GBG Foundation contributes to NGO programs. By helping with last mile financing or transport for GIK shipments and occasionally even acquisition costs, the GBG Foundation has facilitated many millions of dollars' worth of GIK shipments over the last couple of years for a range of NGO partners.

CSR Match

CSR Match is a GBG Foundation initiative that was launched to help bring NGO projects in need of funding to the attention of corporate CSR departments. It was launched in the summer of 2014 as a web based non-profit networking service, to help CSR departments identify potential projects, and help NGO's present projects in a quick and meaningful way to CSR professionals.

Unlike crowd sourcing initiatives which focus exclusively on the recipient project and the general public for contributions; the underlying principle of CSR Match is to provide a service to CSR professionals looking to invest in important humanitarian programs that match their corporate objectives. CSR Match projects are all significant projects being implemented by recognized and established NGO's.

The GBG Foundation Fund

The GBG Foundation Fund is a micro lending initiative that operates worldwide and is administered through established micro loan organizations.

Loan recipients are individuals or small groups who do not have access to traditional financial services, looking for support to build a business or create income generating projects.

Funded by the GBG Foundation, its staff, supporters and corporate donors, the principle of the program is to build an ever growing fund and to lend 100% of all donations received. On repayment of a loan, funds are immediately lent out again. In this way the GBG Foundation Fund will continue to grow and expand.

map of micro-loans