About CSR Match

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CSR Match is the new social marketing tool designed to help donors and project implementers meet.

Today more than ever, non-profits have needs for additional funding to ensure project sustainability and project development. The search for suitable funding partners is a constant challenge to NGO's, invariably involving writing grant proposals, making project presentations and outlines with explanations, descriptions, illustrations, images, videos, financial breakdowns; the list goes on.

Corporations too, have specific marketing needs. Apart from philanthropically driven initiatives and CSR programs, there are commercial considerations and communication objectives with shareholders, customers and the communities within which they operate, that make finding suitable CSR partners and projects crucial.

CSR Match is the tool to meet the objectives of both groups and help these potential partners connect. NGO's can load project details, which follow simple, clean and effective project templates on CSR Match, and potential funders in turn, can search and view projects with convenient search filters such as location, project focus, dollar value, duration and various other criteria to optimize searches.

The CSR Match service is hosted and managed by the GBG Foundation and is a free service to registered NGO's and corporate CSR departments. In the event of successful matches, a 1% finder's fee is levied to help maintain the site and improve the service.

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