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Launched in April 2014, the GBG Foundation Fund is a micro loan initiative established to support people without access to traditional banking and financial services. Working in partnership with several micro lending agencies, the GBG Foundation will select a range of projects it wants to support and then post the results on this website. The hope is to eventually build a fund large enough to support thousands of projects at a time and then to keep on growing.

This is a project without end. Every penny received will go towards a micro loan in need of support. There are no administrative charges, no costs and no overheads. All repaid loans will be lent out again and then again and again.....

The only selection criteria we use are that loans are used to help generate income, to build a business and in that way support families and build communities. We want to impact people like James in Kenya, who has a wife and one child and a small farm. He needs $400 to buy seed and fertilizer to expand his growing business. He has had two previous, successfully paid off loans.

Or Emelia in the Philippines, who has a fish selling business and needs $250 to buy more fish to sell. She is the sole breadwinner in her family and has been in business for 10 years and needs to expand the business to feed her family, or Zareena in Pakistan who needs $250 to repair her husband's rickshaw so he can work and support the family.

Just three random examples in an endless list of human stories. We can't help everyone, but we can make a contribution in the knowledge that every loan we make will change a life.

This is an initiative entirely driven by the desire to support people without a voice. The resources come from the GBG Foundation, friends of the Foundation, the GBG Corporation and its staff, their clients and friends and people motivated to respond; all of whom would like to make a difference.