About the GBG Foundation

The Global Benefits Group Foundation is a US registered non-profit (501C3) established to support NGO projects and initiatives in developing countries. Launched in 2011, the GBG Foundation works with NGO's and private voluntary organizations (PVO's) around the world, supporting projects in need of materials and equipment through Gifts in Kind (GIK) initiatives as well as with direct financial support where appropriate.

The GBG Foundation is funded in part by donations received from the Global Benefits Group (www.GBG.com) which has allocated a percentage of its revenue to support GBG Foundation programs and in part by partnering organizations, GBG staff and supporters and individual philanthropic entities.

The GBG Foundation Mission

To help bridge the gap between those who have access to wealth and resources and those who do not. To support NGO programs and other humanitarian projects by facilitating GIK initiatives and providing funding support wherever possible and appropriate.